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1. This document is not an authorization contract and does not affect individual rights nor overrule copyright laws.

No unauthorized use of the content (The Content) published online including but not limited to text or files for download or images on the server in any format pertaining to the URL or or now or in the past is permitted, regardless of where The Content was originally acquired.

Authorization to use in so far as copy, duplicate, alter, publish, print, post or otherwise broadcast The Content of the URLs here referred to as Time's Paradigm (TP) shall be issued solely by the author Alan R. Graham or his estate upon his passing in writing to the requesting party.

2. Exemptions from copyright infringement.

The general public is permitted to post digitally said images and memes and segments of text under 100 words from TP to certain social media platforms whose link icons are incorporated in the pages of this website only. These companies are Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Pinterest.

Online entities are permitted to digitally link to TP using said memes and images and text under 100 words and to translate The Content into a language other than English only, except where such entities fall under section 4. below.

Personal use of The Content is permitted under private circumstances. Personal posts incorporating The Content to public online discussion forums whose objective is education or academic debate is also permitted in any language as are references made by educators in lectures and conferences whether digital streams or in person.

Notwithstanding, no part of The Content shall be used "out of context" or be incorporated in any other body of work or be used to promote a purpose other than that which was intended as pursuant to the original publication of Time's Paradigm.

3. Who Shall Apply For Authorization?

Including but not limited to media organizations and publication/production houses and commercial enterprises other than for the purposes of a digital link to TP who must seek authorization to use any of The Content regardless of The Content size and regardless of broadcast method either digitally, electronically or in print or via a third party.

Authorization will demand an accompanying "Byline" or Publication Reference.

4. No Authorization Will Be Granted to:

Entities publishing or promoting sexual content, inflammatory rhetoric, obscene material, racist or bigotory views or disregard for basic human rights. Such entities are prohibited from using any of The Content.

5. Prosecution For Infringement.

With respect, all legal avenues will be pursued worldwide to hold entities to account for infringing the copyright of The Content. The smallest infringement will not be tolerated.

6. Your Consent.

By using our site, you consent to this website copyright policy.

Changes to our Copyright Policy.

If we decide to change our copyright policy, we will post those changes on this page. (Last Update: Jan 22nd, 2021)

7. Contacting Us.

If there are any questions regarding this copyright policy you may contact us using the information below.
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or directly to The Author

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